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ANCIENT Kumauni and Garhwali society celebrates the festival of Phool dei – the beginning of the era of flowers or the spring on March 14 or15 every year when the sun enters into the Pisces zodiac sign. Phool dei is the festival to celebrate the oncoming season of spring and the happiness that it heralds with it. Dr Yamuna Dutt Vaishnav “Ashok”, a veteran historian of Kumaon region, says that in ancient Rome, the festival at the beginning of spring was devoted to the goddess Flora and was celebrated at the beginning of summer as the solar calendar has been adopted by hill society from the Romans, the month of Chaitra is considered the first month of new year and the Phool dei is the first day of the Solar year.”

Phool dei Festival Uttarakhand-

On this day the children and unmarried girls from every household of the village rise early and after taking a bath and fully purifying themselves, they collect white and yellow flowers from the wild plants worship their doorstep by fully covering it with these flowers. They then go to each and every household of the village chanting, “Phool dei Chamma Dei, Daine Dwar, Bhar Bhakar” and offer fresh flower at every doorstep of the village, wishing them happy and prosperous New Year. In exchange to these well wishes expressed through fresh flowers of wild plants the villagers give them rice, jaggary and some money. After the ceremony concludes the village youngsters return and wet this rice stock, prepare special prasad after grinding the stock. This prasad is also offered to every household of the village.

The beginning of spring has a special significance for ancient Kumaoni Society. During this season, the snow melts on the Himalayas and as the temeperature increases the ever green rhododendron (Buransh) comes into full bloom. Not only the rhododendron but so many other plants also blossom and the forests of these Himalayan foothills fully smear with the beauty of the spring. The Oak grows in the higher reaches of mid Himalayas while Sal and Bouhinia (Kachnar) grow in the valley in this season. In the valley of the western Himalayas, specially in the Pauri region this festival is celebrated throughout the month and young girls of the village offer flowers daily at the doorsteps of their neighbors for almost the month.

  • Phool dei festival date 2024 – 14 March 2023 | Thursday
  • Phool dei Chamma Dei, Daine Dwar, Bhar Bhakkar
  • Phool dei Wishes. 

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